TV fast for Lent

Yes, in March we decided to fast television as a family during Lent. This also includes electronic devices such as the computer, Nintendo DS, etc. Hence my infrequent posting. However, this has been pretty fabulous for our family in general. We are not Catholic, but as Protestant Christians, we have found a Lenten fast to be beneficial and faith-strengthening.

This fast was initially my husband’s idea and I jumped on board immediately as most wives would. I didn’t realize just how hard it would prove to be for me as a stay-at-home mom. How often do I tune in to Food Network or a talk show to distract me from the daily grind of dishes and laundry? How often do I let kids’ shows run a background commentary so I can get a shower in?

We have made some allowances — our 2-year-old gets to watch her favorite cartoon show on weekday mornings. My husband sometimes unwinds with a video game or two. Sundays are off days so we are all allowed on everything. And, occasionally, we will put on a one-hour program that we’ve recorded in advance.

So far, my kids are reading a TON, I find that I have time for books that I never had before, and we are spending a lot more time interacting as a family. I love it. Sometimes.

And sometimes I just want to grab a snack, switch on the tube and zone out for a while. But I can’t. So I check my Facebook (one of my few concessions) and do more housework or play with the baby (much nobler tasks). Hopefully this fast will have a lasting impact on our TV habits. In the meantime, I look eagerly toward Easter morning 🙂


About hungryforjesus

A very blessed wife, mom and stepmom to six kids and a homemaker-in-progress. Always hungry for Jesus, but filling up that empty place with junk more often than not. Join me in choosing "the better part".
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