One Thousand Gifts

If you haven’t yet read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, I encourage you to order a copy today. In the book, Ann shares how keeping a written record of the gifts God has given developed a life of gratitude within her. I’m going to start my very own list, too. Will you join me?

  1. Guitar strings tuning up
  2. Fuzz on baby ears
  3. The perfect note played at the perfect time
  4. After crying herself to sleep — the baby’s huff-huff sigh
  5. That same baby snuggled next to me in bed
  6. Dreams that don’t make sense
  7. Roses at the front door
  8. Daffodils by the sink
  9. My husband’s soft snoreĀ in deep sleep
  10. Sun breaking through the snow clouds
  11. Yes, I have FOUR girls!
  12. The 2-year-old who declares “I FIVE!”

About hungryforjesus

A very blessed wife, mom and stepmom to six kids and a homemaker-in-progress. Always hungry for Jesus, but filling up that empty place with junk more often than not. Join me in choosing "the better part".
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